When you need service work our highly trained and certified technicians are available to perform plumbing, heating, and propane repairs and maintenance that will exceed your highest expectations.

Heating Services
We provide wide spectrum of maintenance. We start by properly maintaining your heating system with thorough annual cleaning of your heating system and we offer complete equipment test of all heating systems components. Our processionals can make an honest diagnostics and provide recommendations for repairs or replacement of your heating equipment.

Plumbing Services
We offer a variety of plumbing services which include from complete whole house plumbing to remodeling and renovations and all plumbing repairs including dripping faucets to leaky pipes and snaking residential and commercial main drain.

Foreclosures and New Home Plumbing Inspections
A James professional will visit a residential or commercial location and perform a thorough inspection of the piping. This is a valuable service to insure there are no financial surprises where plumbing is concerned.
Winterizing Homes
We do seasonal closing down main water draining all pipes, weatherizing your house.

Propane Services
We install and service your propane appliances and heating units, along with annual maintenance.

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