Delivery & Payment Options

We offer some different delivery and payment options in an effort to accommodate our valued customers. In addition, if you pay cash or check before or upon delivery, you get .10 cents per gallon off your bill provided you have no prior balance. This applies to oil only, not propane.

Delivery Option: On Call

Deliveries for On Call customers are available Monday – Friday. The minimum order quantity is 100 gallons, and can be ordered in higher quantities to suit your budget. Ex. 120, 140, 150, etc.

Delivery Option: Regular Automatic Customer

Deliveries will be made on a degree-day basis, meaning delivery need is estimated by the weather and your average use history. We keep track of the deliveries and bill you.

Payment Option: COD

We accept your payment at the time of delivery. This is an option that we also appreciate.

Payment Option: Fuel Assistance

Money that we receive from the state is to cover your oil delivery, and you must call when a delivery is desired.

Payment Option: Billable

You may request to receive oil deliveries on a billable basis.